About Us

The Lake Amphibian Flyers Club is an organization of Lake aircraft owners and aficionados which provides fellowship and communication for owners and future owners of Lake Amphibians. We have nearly 500 members in North America, Europe, Australia and throughout the world. The club is dedicated to the promotion of safety, knowledge, & proficiency through exchange of information. This is accomplished via a newsletter which is published six times a year, and through a very active members-only internet discussion forum. There is now an accumulation of 950 pages of over newsletters going back over 18 years. This resource contains a wealth of information concerning the operation of Lakes, and is available for purchase by members of the club.

bill_goddard_cofounder_of_lafc_smallThe club was founded in 1988 by Bill and Louise Goddard of Frostproof, Florida. Bill and Louise had a Lake Buccaneer and kept it parked on the lawn of their home on Lake Reedy. They initiated an annual Fly-In event which brought together Lake flyers from near and far and continues to this day.

The Fly-In, held in Florida each winter or spring, lasts 4 days and features a series of seminars hosted by experts in the Lake community. Topics are explored in the areas of flying technique, maintenance problems and procedures, insurance, and travel discussions. A great deal of good fellowship is gained at this event and many have made lifetime friendships amongst the people they met here. Many Lake pilots and their spouses attend from all over, some with, most without their airplanes. In addition to the US and Canada, we have had numerous people attend from as far away as South America, Europe, and Australia.

In 2000, Bill Goddard became ill and was no longer able to manage the club. Club management was taken over by Marc & Jill Rodstein, of Wellington, Florida.