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8/5/2015 1985 LAKE 250 RENEGADE, 560 TT SNEW, always hangared, no corrosion. More InfoFax: (620) 49 2-6221 Last Updated:

2/4/2016 1984 Renegade 250, 1688TT, 131SMOH, 131SPOH, annual done May 2015, King digl pkg, VG Kit, gear advisory, cabin heater, gami injectors, bilge pump, aux fuel floats-90 gals, fresh water, maintained by Lake factory mechanics, NO SALT, More Info 1393 LAKES FOR SALE (cont.) Last Updated:

2/4/2016 1991 Lake Renegade 250, 992 TTSNew, avionics incl Garmin 430, King digital pkg & stormscope. cabin heater, eng heater, door extenders, bilge pump. No salt, hangared, wing repairs by Lake specialist. More Info Last Updated:

2/4/2016 1984 Lake EP Turbo, 1920 TT, 633 SMOH, 633 SPOH, King Digital IFR, Garmin XL 155 GPS, Brittain B 5-C Autopilot (altitude), cargo door, bat wings aux fuel, heater, bilge pump, unlimited life tail AD kit, many extras. Paint and interior in 2002. More Info Last Updated:

2/1/2016 1989 Lake Turbo 270 Renegade w/all Lake opts. 720 TT. Full King pkg. incl. AP w/alt. pre-select & VS. Slvd. HSI, Dual GS. Recent ann. More Info Last Updated:

2/4/2016 1979 TURBO LAKE LA4-200 , 1389 TT SNEW, 113 SPOH, Paint in 2002, Avionics: Dual UPS GX 60, Dual SL30’s, SL 15 Audio panel, MX 20 MFD,Intercom, GX 60 GPS, Century II Autopilot, VG kit, heater, aux fuel, bradway boosters, Q Tip prop